In the wake of the social uproar following the height of the Black Lives Matter Movement, companies began taking action to call for change. Companies like Google, specifically, recognized racial bias and social equity were prevalent issues in the tech industry that needed to be solved.

As of recent, they are continuing to combat these issues today with the announcement of Google Women’s Techmakers’ new campaign celebrating Black women in the tech industry. The campaign “Black Women in Tech” aims to encourage the future generation by sharing the success stories of Black women pioneers.

“Black women are underrepresented in the tech industry, and their contributions are not widely acknowledged and celebrated. The ‘Black Women In Tech’ campaign will highlight the stories, experiences, and expertise of Black women in the American tech industry through things like community stories shared by Black women within and outside of Google,” Google shared in a press release.

Black Women Pioneers In Tech

The campaign partnered with Black stock photography company TONL and Black illustrator Rachelle Baker to produce four stories from Black women in different sectors. Features include data strategist, Lorrie Guess; UX researcher, Jennifer Pierre; project manager, Yolanda Washington; and Android Engineer, Madona Wambua.

“Ultimately, we hope the campaign is an inspiration to the next generation of Black women considering a career in tech, and that Black women in the industry see themselves in these stories,” Google shared in a press statement.

Google Is Hoping To Improve Fairness In The Workplace

Google will tackle equity issues by providing a list of training resources for Black women to succeed in tech. Proper allocation of resources enables Black women in tech to not only thrive in the workspace but to be provided the same opportunities as their peers to advance their careers.

“We know what equity should look like, but it takes the effort of everyone every day and at every step to achieve sustainable equity in the workplace,” Google stated in a press release.

To read the stories from Google’s latest campaign, visit the Black Women in Tech website.