Google for Startups is on the hunt for promising Black, Latinx, and Veteran founders across the country.

Starting now, these founders can apply to be a part of the third cohort of the Founders Academy. The four-month virtual program will provide Google’s best practices, top tools, and the community required to raise capital and upscale startups, according to information provided to AfroTech.

“Boddle had begun raising a round of funding when we started the Founders Academy. The timing was fortuitous because it allowed us to take advantage of the program’s investor-in-residence. Tony was instrumental in helping us crystallize our pitch to VCs and gain better insights on negotiating for the $1.45M funding round that we eventually raised,” said Edna Martinson, Founders Academy alumna and founder of Boddle Learning in a statement provided to us.

Google Will Provide The Industry's Best Resources

The Founders Academy will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience immersing startups with weekly sessions led by Googlers and industry experts who cover topics including fundraising, hiring, and product development.

Each participant will also receive mentorship with a Googler who will establish concrete business goals for the founders to thrive in the program and facilitate connections to achieve their goals. To make sure the needs of the participating founders are met, they will have access to investor office hours, PR support, and a mental health coach at no cost.

“Over the past year, my startup has doubled its revenue, more than quadrupled its employees, and raised over $1.5M in funding. I’ve been thrilled to achieve this sort of growth for the business, but I’d be lying if I said it’s been all smiles. Mid-program I experienced the loss of my mother, and, almost immediately, my program mental health coach Genie stepped in to help me balance my mind and my business during such a difficult time. I’m so grateful to her and to the Founders Academy community for the opportunity as well as the ongoing support,” Janice Omadeke, Founders Academy alumna and founder of The Mentor Method, said.

Apply Today

Applications close on Jan. 10.

For those interested in applying to the program, click here.