This black history month, Google Earth has an innovative way of helping you learn more about how African Americans have contributed to the U.S.

Google Earth’s “The Journey Of Us” is a virtual experience curated by the Schomburg Center and Howard University to weave Black history with modern technology.

The Schomburg Center is located in the heart of Harlem and archives pictures, prints, and artifacts relevant to Black culture. Founded during the Harlem Renaissance, the Schomburg continues to sponsor programs, initiatives, and events that elevate and educate on Black history through the year.

The tour covers the evolution of dance, technology, business, education, entertainment, and civil rights through the African American lens.

Companies like Oculus and Google have increasingly used their products to educate people about black history. Last month, a virtual reality documentary focused on the historical Green Book and Ben’s Chili Bowl debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. The film, “Traveling While Black,” is now available on  Oculus Rift and Oculus Go VR headsets.

The experience highlights movements, locations, and individuals who have made impactful but lesser-known strides in their respective fields. As part of the experience, the virtual reality tour places audiences directly in various locations around the country including Chicago, Durham, N.C. and San Francisco. With street-level views and other interactive tools, The Journey of Us expands Black History education for all ages.