Alfred E. Nickson went from growing up on welfare in the rough inner cities of Miami to becoming one of the youngest millionaires in network marketing in the United States.

Determined to make a better life for himself and his family, Nickson began his entrepreneurial journey in network marketing at the young age of 19. Within three short years, he became a six figure earner and one of the top sales professionals in his company before building his own brand of nearly 100,000 followers.

He specializes in a range of financial services including, but not limited to, credit restoration, credit monitoring, wills and trusts, credit litigation and financial planning. He has proudly helped thousands of people restore their credit, while helping them build financial wealth.

In addition to that, Alfred has found tremendous success working as a seven-figure success coach for the last six years, coaching people through workshops and seminars on how to make the most out of their current financial situations so that they can build and grow their wealth. He has helped 30 plus people step away from their nine-to-five jobs while creating six-plus figures. His goal is to help at least 20 people make over 1 million dollars by 2020.

Nickson has spoken at financial service conferences for over the last three years. He teaches and motivates individuals on how to build financial wealth through networking marketing, entrepreneurship and building your own personal brand/business. In 2018, Alfred created The Millionaire Mindset Conference which took place in Los Angeles, California to a sold out crowd of over 800 guests.

How did you get started in coaching people to earn six to seven figures a year?

I was mentored from the age of 19–23 by a few widely successful entrepreneurs who taught me various wealth principles such as how to create residual and passive income streams as well as different investment types. Once I developed a system that worked, I wanted to teach others how to be successful and create six to seven figures a year, as well. As a millennial, it is important for me to share the knowledge I have learned to help other millennials achieve success outside of a nine-to-five career.

What was the first thing you did when you made your first million?

The first thing I did was invest in my church. Everything I have comes from the grace of God. My faith and religion are extremely important to me, so sowing back into the church has been essential as I continue to gain wealth. I also helped my family, as they were a huge motivation in me wanting to be successful. My mother and father sacrificed a lot, so making sure my family was OK was a top priority. Lastly, I bought a home and my dream car. I work extremely hard, so I wanted to treat myself, as well.

Why are you encouraging people to leave their nine-to-five job? Isn’t there a high risk in leaving your job?

I’m encouraging people to reach their full potential and get set free from living paycheck to paycheck. My job is to bring the absolute best out of a person. It isn’t so much as encouraging people to leave their nine-to-five jobs, but encouraging them to follow their dreams and to create multiple streams of income. In this economy it is important that people have different streams of revenue.

What makes you different from a guy like Tony Robbins?

What makes me different from the likes of Tony Robbin is, first, I’m young! Second, I’m a millennial encouraging other millennials to follow their dreams. I encourage them to tap into their full potential early, and that doesn’t necessarily mean you have wait until or even have a college degree. Even while pursuing a college degree or working a nine-to-five, I show young people how they can become six and even seven figure earners. I was married and a millionaire by age 25. I’m an African American male that other African American males and young people can look up to. Lastly, I wouldn’t call myself a life coach or a motivational coach, I am a “seven figure wealth coach.” While I do motivate and inspire, I really show my clients and team how they can create multiple streams of income.

When did you realize you were a great salesman?

I would say I always had a gift with people, being able to connect to the wants and needs of others. I don’t know if I would call myself a salesman. I am a connector to helping people achieve not only what they want, but what they need.

Is there any advice you want to give to any upcoming salesman and marketers?

My advice to any upcoming marketer is to never give up. Find a mentor and become a student of your profession.

Do you feel like it’s your calling to help people improve their financial situations?

I 100 percent  know this is my calling! I grew up in the low income inner cities of Miami. I’ve been both rich and poor. I’ve experienced both sides of the spectrum! It’s my duty to give my knowledge and experience to best assist people with their finances and help them create generational wealth. I find such passion in helping other people because the narrative around economic freedom, especially in the African American community, is so much bigger than myself.

Did you have any mentors throughout your journey?

I’ve had several mentors on my entrepreneurial journey. Not only do I think it’s important I believe, you must have a mentor that knows the way and that is willing to show you the way along your journey. That is where my passion in coaching and mentoring comes from — giving people a head start, helping them navigate the pitfalls and giving them an edge in such a competitive marketplace. My mentors were instrumental in helping me create a seven plus figure business and I would advise anyone who is looking to become an entrepreneur, create multiple streams of income or start a business to create a tight group of mentors they can rely on.

You can find more information about Alfred at | @alfredenickson