With over a decade of training experience and a Ph.D. in human resource leadership development, Chela White-Ramsey has a reputation for getting things done inside of Indeed, America’s most recognizable website for employers and job seekers. Behind the scenes, White-Ramsey helps Indeed’s recruitment team grow their ability to present information, tell meaningful stories and effectively communicate.

A lifelong learner, White-Ramsey has found her niche by studying people and what makes them tick in the workplace.

“I always had an interest in people at work, and mostly through my academic studies is what led me to training and development. I studied psychology in undergrad, industrial-organizational psychology in my master’s program and then went on to get a human resource development Ph.D., which focused on organizations and learning and development at work,” she explains.

Inside of Indeed, White-Ramsey has also been able to flex her recruiting experience, giving her a unique insight and perspective to share with recruiters and organizational leaders about ways to attract, engage and, ultimately, retain talent.

For White-Ramsey, guiding others to their next path in life is a personal mission.

“Helping people get jobs is something that’s really close to my heart. Hurricane Katrina completely ravaged our community, and my father, as a result, lost his job. I felt very helpless but took it upon myself to help him craft a new resume and do whatever he had to do to get a new job, and he got one,” she says.

Motivated to do more, after launching a low-cost resume service, eventually, White-Ramsey dove into all aspects of learning and recruitment — a journey she says she wouldn’t trade for anything.

“That connection to helping people get jobs, it just stuck with me. So when I had the opportunity to interview at Indeed, it was really heartwarming because it’s rare to find a company whose mission aligns so closely with your own personal mission,” she said.

Watch as Chela White-Ramsey describes finding her purpose at Indeed below:

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