The health disparities that exist for Black and brown people in America are largely attributed to their unequal access to healthcare and a lack of accessible resources, including medication, proper insurance, and nutritious food options.

Although these communities have the most health issues related to food and nutrition, there are still few products on the market that exist to encourage healthier living practices. This led businessman and founder, Marc Washington, to launch his own wellness startup to help cater to the needs of his community.

Muniq — a prebiotic consumer wellness brand designed to help people improve their gut health — was created by Washington as part of his life-long mission to help others get ahold of chronic health issues they battle.

As a Princeton and Harvard graduate with years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Washington was inspired to launch Muniq because of his little sister, Monica, and her underlying health conditions that led to her untimely passing.

“Monica was full of personality, incredibly colorful and hilarious, and she truly lived life fully,” Washington said. “Her story is similar to so many others when it came to her health, though, as she struggled over the years with her weight, diabetes, and blood pressure.”

With this in mind, Washington developed a brand that addressed these chronic health issues while also giving consumers the power to be in control of their health.

“I created Muniq to help people regain control of their health from serious conditions that have held too much control over them by empowering them with solutions that increase hope, health, and happiness through the science of the gut microbiome,” said Washington. “[Muniq] aims to democratize the best of science by creating highly effective solutions that are also highly accessible to the masses.”

There are a plethora of risks that have posed a threat to the well-being of those living in underserved communities even before the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why Muniq is leading the charge to address these issues at large.

“One of the other most common unfortunate truths about underlying health issues is that almost all of them disproportionately affect underserved communities,” Washington said. “When you look at the incidence of most serious health issues — like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and maternal health to name a few — multicultural communities are significantly more affected by these conditions than the general population.”

He shared additional sentiments on racial disparities in healthcare stating: “There is such a pervasive feeling of frustration and powerlessness among so many — particularly within the Black community — who are suffering from health issues that are largely driven by factors beyond their control.”

Muniq’s goal is to help close those existing health disparities in Black and brown communities by introducing products that improve gut health and place a preventative focus on diseases like diabetes —  which is often referred to as the “gateway disease” for the high prevalence of health conditions that come along with it.

During this moment in time, it’s clear that healthcare in Black and brown communities needs to be addressed all around, especially in light of what we’ve witnessed from the pandemic.

“We are definitely having a moment with increased public emphasis on righting the wrongs of the long history of social injustices for minorities, which presents an opportunity to make positive changes for the health of multicultural communities,” said Washington. “While there are many important aspects of the burgeoning social justice movement, I believe that closing the pervasive gap in health disparities is among the most critical civil rights issues of our time.”

Muniq — which launched in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak — has been a saving grace for those who have felt like they’ve lost control of their lives during the pandemic. According to the company, customers have expressed how empowered they feel using Muniq’s products to navigate their health.

The brand is now uniquely positioned to continue making strides in their niche field, while also keeping the health needs of Black and brown communities top-of-mind.

“The continued breakthroughs from ongoing emerging research around the gut microbiome will enable Muniq to remain at the forefront of transforming health and addressing critical conditions, which will positively impact the health and wellness of the Black community,” said Washington.

For more information about Muniq, visit its website.