A group of former Atlanta Falcons players have come together to do business.

According to KTLA 5, Mohamed Sanu, Sean Weatherspoon, Christian Blake, and Elijah Wilkinson are now a part of the ownership group for Legacy Sports Complex located in Atlanta, GA.

Sanu says his interest was sparked from the start.

“The first day I walked into Legacy’s doors, I knew I was looking at something special,” explained Sanu, according to KTLA 5. “The facility, championship culture, and energy were second to none, and I wanted to be a part of it.”

The 15,000-square-foot temperature controlled facility, created in 2022 by Dustin Chovanic and Jonny Venters, offers art training equipment, including beadless turf, five batting cages, and arena netting, among others, their company’s website mentions.

“Legacy Sports Complex is a company driven by passion and purpose. Whether you’re a coach, president of a sports organization, or a parent that wants your young athlete to make it to the next level, Legacy Sports Complex offers so many options that will meet your highest expectations,” Weatherspoon explained, according to KTLA 5.

The partnership aims to enhance the experience for gym goers by leveraging the wisdom of their latest owners.

“This partnership is monumental for our fast-growing brand and will no doubt elevate Legacy Sports Complex to incredible new heights,” said Chovanic in a press statement. “The passion for health and fitness that these four men possess, coupled with their wealth of knowledge and experience in collegiate and professional sports, reinforces the value Legacy Sports Complex brings to our members. With them on board, Legacy Sports Complex will continue to offer a five-star sports and fitness experience to all.”

In addition to their roles as investors, Sanu, Weatherspoon, Blake, and Wilkinson will act as the cornerstone of the Legacy Football Division. They will also work to create new Legacy Sports Complex locations.