Boxing has headed over to the metaverse.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Deji Olatunji’s match at the Global Titans in Dubai on Nov. 13 was the first-ever boxing event streamed live in the metaverse, according to Forbes. 

The virtual experience was streamed by MetaVerseBooks. Forbes describes the platform as “one of the first companies to build a fully functional entertainment platform in the metaverse.”

“We are delighted to be the first tech company to put on a world-class boxing match in the metaverse and make history with Floyd Mayweather,” Delence A. Sheares Sr., CEO of MetaVerseBooks, said before the historic event, according to the outlet.

“MetaVerseBooks, our new, cutting edge metaverse system, featuring Unreal 5 engine operating on the web, was the next natural extension of my family’s continued quest to remain on the cutting edge of all digital technologies,” he continued.

The stream was deemed a success, and boxing fans can expect the next metaverse-backed Mayweather fight to be in February 2023. 

The event’s strategy was developed by Soga World, a leading Web3 creative and management agency. The platform’s Director Of Partnerships, Jess Monroe, believes boxing is heading in an innovative direction.

“The importance of this event showing in the Metaverse at this scale is hugely significant for fans, fighters, the boxing community and sports brands globally,” Monroe said, Forbes reports. “This is the beginning of the future and how humans will soon interact regularly with sports stars, brands and events. A fan-driven, immersive experience.”

She continued: “From a tech perspective, the next step will be for the boxers to actually fight within the Metaverse. NFT betting within that framework, filming in XR for instant replay at multiple angles, Bluetooth mouthguards measuring speed and force of punches. It’s very exciting to think of what is coming.”