Entrepreneur Victor G. Harvey is behind what could be Florida’s first Black-owned distillery.

According to a press release, Harvey has secured a $2.45 million loan issued by Fort Lauderdale’s Community Redevelopment Agency to create the Victory Entertainment Complex project, which will house various Black-owned businesses. The venture will cost about $6 million to build, and Harvey plans to support the rest of the cost through his personal investments.

The two-story, 15,000-square-foot facility is projected to take 16 months to complete and will include a restaurant, cigar bar, whiskey lounge, event space, a rooftop bar, lounge, and a craft distillery named The Old Sistrunk Distillery, which Harvey believes to be the first Black-owned distillery in Florida. The craft distillery will include products from his company Victor George Spirits, such as VG Vodka, which is available in 44 states at retailers like Total Wine, Kroger, and Trader Joe’s.

“This will bring the Black community a sense of pride because the building is named after the historic Victory Theatre and the first of its kind in the community,” Harvey said, per the press release. “It is designed to keep people here as well as attract others from different parts of South Florida and visitors.”

The venture has been in the works for several years, with original plans to open in February 2020. However, due to challenges from COVID-19, parking plans, and city approvals, and losing the involvement of rapper Flo Rida, plans were delayed.

“We started working on this project in 2019 and after encountering several challenges including the pandemic, we were able to stay the course and see it through,” Harvey said in a statement. “This building will provide the community and our city along with those that visit the best and most vibrant experiences to enjoy along with creating several jobs, most of which will come from the community.”