Black women in film have been making major strides this year. As a filmmaker, Nia DaCosta is one of the latest to be added to the growing list of groundbreaking achievements as she was named director of “Captain Marvel 2,” making her the first Black woman to direct a movie in the Marvel Studios franchise, REVOLT reports.

Users online were excited to hear the news as the demand for more Black storytellers has grown tremendously during 2020.

DaCosta — better known for directing the indie film “Little Woods” in 2018 and the upcoming “Candyman” remake alongside Jordan Peele — is entering into a realm no other director has known before. After proving to stand out amongst her competition, the Marvel corporation hand-selected her to bring the new film to life, Deadline reports.

DaCosta, like other Black filmmakers in the entertainment industry, has encountered her fair share of hardships. She spoke in an interview with Jezebel about her experiences as a Black director.

“I think there are a lot of narratives that get imposed on female filmmakers and filmmakers of color,” she said. “I know I personally get asked like, ‘Oh, you do you wanna read this script about this Black person?’ Or, ‘this script about the oppression of Black people?’” And I’m like, ‘Is it good?’”

DaCosta getting added to the Marvel franchise is proof of the corporation moving to add more diversity to the film, both in front of and behind the camera.

According to Deadline, she now joins a strong group of women filmmakers such as Chloé Zhao and Cathy Yan, who have both been given opportunities to contribute to Marvel and DC franchises, respectively.

DaCosta’s upcoming Captain Marvel sequel is set to release in July 2022.