Esty is leading the charge in diversifying their workforce and have the numbers to prove it. Recently the e-commerce website released its diversity and inclusion report showing that its increased the number of Black and Latinx employees within the last year via a blog post:

“Black and Latinx employees represented approximately 15% of Etsy’s US hires in 2019, the majority of these in engineering. At the end of 2019, Black and Latinx employees represented 11% of Etsy’s US workforce, up from 8.5% in 2018.”

Etsy reports the majority of Black and Latinx hires work in the department of engineering. According to CNBC, Etsy’s workforce is made up of 1,209 U.S. employees with 50 percent of the board of directors, general employees, and executive team being women.

“We’re proud of our progress, but we know there’s room to continue to expand on that,” Elizabeth Spector Louden, Etsy’s Head of Diversity & Inclusion, told CNBC.

According to CNBC, Etsy plans to double Black and Latinx hires by February 2023. The report also details its plan to increase diversity this year. The company will launch sponsorship and mentorship programs to help pave a route for Black, Latinx, women and non-binary employees in engineering while expanding collaborative efforts with Brooklyn’s nonprofit, Code Nation. This will further expand its outreach in Brooklyn’s underfunded demographic.

Editorial Note: This piece has been revised and updated since initially published.