Children are our future! It is especially noteworthy to keep an eye out for 9-year-old Elvis Muchiri, who takes to social media to share computer shortcuts.

According to People of Color in Tech, Muchiri, who goes by Evolve with Elvis, along with his sister Megan have become a topic of discussion on social platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter.

It all started in March 2023, when Muchiri started sharing helpful information on TikTok. He has already gained over 125,000 followers and garnered 1.7 million likes for bringing users up to speed with keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Windows, including Ctrl + B (makes font bold), Ctrl + U (underlines font), and Ctrl + Tab (switches between open applications in your browser).

The TikTok post was accompanied by words of encouragement and gratitude from users in the comment section.

“The next Elon Musk from Kenya. Soon enough he’ll be teaching programming and coding and Im here for it. My niece needs to be on this side,” one TikTok user wrote.

“Thank you Megan and Elvis for the helpful information! It will help me a lot at work,” another user expressed.

In Muchiri’s current setup, the young tech genius currently uses Windows 2007. Users allegedly rallied together to donate $600 for him to upgrade.

Furthermore, the 9-year-old’s parent Francis Muchiri has created a fundraising page with the goal to help other children who share similar tech interests as their son.

The funds will go toward providing a tech institution in Nairobi to support schools and children so that Kenya and Africa as a whole can grow through “innovation and creativity” to compete on the global stage.

Already, more than $1,100 has been raised to establish the three-year program.

“Evolve with Elvis is currently teaching us keyboard shortcuts only but with your support we can raise the bar to higher heights,” a statement from the fundraising page reads. “We therefore feel the need to extend the same knowledge and more to the remotest parts of our Country Kenya and eventually the rest of Africa. From Nairobi to Lokichogio, from Kenya to war torn Lybya. With our target amount of Kshs. 10,000,000 [about $71,787.51 USD] for a start, we wish to build a tech institution that will match international standards enjoyed in more developed countries like the USA, Europe and China.”