Being an entrepreneur starts with a vision. But the path towards transforming it into reality is filled with challenges. And to realize that vision isn’t just a matter of technical skill or access to capital. It’s a matter of actively cultivating the internal qualities that will strengthen you as an entrepreneur — traits common to some of the most successful businesspeople. These qualities include:


The fuel for your success, your passion will keep you going even when times grow tough. And it will help you get others to buy-in, from investors to team members to customers.


There will be plenty of days when you feel like quitting. But you must keep moving forward, even when it feels like you’re treading water. And while your success may not come when or how you want it, you won’t win at all if you give up.


At times, entrepreneurship may feel synonymous with problem-solving. You’ll need to figure out how to stretch every dollar, solve production problems, outflank competitors cutting into your margins, and scale upwards quickly to fulfill large orders. To be successful, you’ll need to be resourceful.


No degree or certification prepares you for absolutely everything you’ll encounter as an entrepreneur. Success requires a commitment to continuous learning to improve your technical skills, heighten your analytical and problem-solving abilities, and to broaden your perspective of what’s possible.


Being an entrepreneur is often grueling and keeping your energy up with endless Red Bulls isn’t sustainable. To gain the stamina you’ll need, prioritize your health by incorporating fitness into your daily routine, eating healthy foods, and sleeping regularly.


Whether or not you have the data you need, you must practice rapidly assessing situations and making — and sticking to — your decisions. Indecisiveness can lead to costly errors, missed opportunities, and eroded credibility with your team.


While decisiveness is essential, rigidity is harmful. Your ability to adapt and innovate is predicated on your willingness to keep your mind open to new and different operating methods.


The ability to think creatively goes hand-in-hand with resourcefulness, openness, and curiosity. Actively cultivate your imagination by exploring the answers to big questions, learning about various subjects, and engaging in structured idea-generating exercises.

Cultivating these qualities can help you grow your business more rapidly than any business incubator or accelerator. With time, your mastery of these qualities will help you achieve success.