Attention all early-stage startups, New Media Ventures (NMV) has announced its 2020 Open Call! If you’re a part of a dynamic startup seeking funding — this opportunity may be for you. NMV’s mission centers around funding activists and entrepreneurs whose startup seeks to solve societal challenges that face our democracy. Built on a three point foundation, the venture company aims to redirect capital to progressive startups, create momentum that sparks civic engagement, and ultimately shift power resulting in political impact.

NMV is made up of a 501c4 Action fund that allows them to invest in politically driven startups as well as a 501c3 Education and Innovation fund that affords them the chance to support community and nonprofit startups.

During this year’s Open Call NMV’s selection criteria will focus on startups:

  • Using tech and media to shift power and restore power to citizens
  • Creating movements for racial, gender, economic, and environmental justice
  • Writing the next chapter for media and messaging with the aim of changing narratives
  • Using technology to spark civic engagement that brings voters, volunteers, and candidates together

NMV’s grants and investments will range from $50,000 to $250,000. The application cycle ends on March 2.

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