Rapper Drake finished 2019 strong ranking number 25 on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 List with an earning of $75 million. His overall net worth is estimated at $150 million, according to Forbes.

With the successes of 2019 behind him, Drake shows no signs of stopping in 2020. Recently Drake teamed up with Caffeine, a livestreaming company that has its sights on rivaling tech giants like Amazon’s Twitch and YouTube. CNN reports that Drake signed a multi-year deal with the streaming company for an undisclosed amount.

“We can’t pay the kind of money that Microsoft (MSFT)or Amazon (AMZN)can pay, so we have to differentiate on [that] we offer a better product,” Ben Keighran, founder and former Apple designer, told CNN Business.

Although Drake’s Caffeine deal might not be on par with the likes of more well-known streaming services, this business move might hint toward his business acumen and long-term vision. Even though the details of the deal have yet to come, Drake has teamed up with the Ultimate Rap League with plans to stream live rap battles on the Caffeine platform for free.

Drake took to his twitter to announce his new partnership:

In 2018, Drake set a Twitch record with his video game battle against pro-gamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. The battle garnered 600,000 views breaking the record of 388,000 views.

Drake joins other rappers like Offset and Doja Cat on the Caffeine celebrity roster — both having been featured on the platform playing Call of Duty and The Sims.

If we thought Drake’s 2019 success was amazing, we might be in for even bigger and better in 2020.