The fashion world is inserting itself into the digital space more than ever before. With this new platform, overlooked Black designers are now getting their spotlight as well.

According to a press release, Black Market — a newly-launched virtual venue — has announced partnerships with Toyota Motor North America and media personality Terrence J, to launch a virtual fashion event to showcase up-and-coming Black fashion designers.

This purpose of the online event is to provide support for those Black designers who don’t receive the same opportunities as their other peers in the industry.

“The influence of the Black community and Black designers on fashion is undeniable, but that’s often not reflected in the opportunities provided to us,” Terrence J said in a statement. “I’m excited to partner with Black Market, to give Black designers a much-needed platform to showcase Black Excellence, and help level the playing field in fashion.”

The Black community’s notable influence on the fashion world has been recognized globally despite Black designers not getting as many chances to advance on the business side of the industry.

However, Black Market is bridging that gap by working with designers, entertainers, and fashion brands to curate a unique and immersive fashion experience. Its digital platform is designed just for Black designers who wish to showcase their work and consumers who want a more efficient shopping experience.

A press release shares that select Black designers and their brands have been showcased on the Black Market platform, alongside featured runway shows and exclusive content, for its launch this week.

The platform’s partnership with TMNA also allowed participants in the Black Market virtual fashion event to choose one item from their collection to be featured exclusively in the Toyota Closet, which is housing limited edition looks from all the selected Black designers.

“Toyota is proud to partner with Black Market in their work to celebrate and honor emerging Black designers,” said Kelsey Charles, engagement marketing planner at TMNA, in a statement. “We are committed to supporting diverse platforms that not only champion creativity but promote inclusivity.”

Black Market founder Derrick Brown shared his excitement for the new platform and his hopes of it resolving some of the unfair treatment in the fashion industry.

“While Fashion Week has annually been a showcase for top fashion brands and designers, for many Black designers it was never their platform,” he said. “With Black Market, and our partnership with Toyota and Terrence J, we’re happy to create a platform for Black designers to showcase their work, and also provide a marketplace for their designs that makes it accessible for consumers.”

Black Market’s virtual fashion event concludes Nov. 27.

For more information on Black Market, visit its website.