One person’s life may have been changed forever after getting an unforgettable tip from Diddy.

During Jojo Wright’s podcast, Diddy was asked about the biggest tip he has dropped to date. It appears Diddy’s dollars went flying while in Vegas after he struck the jackpot, earning him $2 million.

To celebrate, he gave a quarter of a million dollars to the dealer.

“You changed their life, whoever this person was, what was their reaction,” Wright told Diddy.

“I had won $2 million in Vegas. So, I tipped the person that was the dealer. If I am on a yacht, maybe it’s a tip for a whole crew, but for one person — it was a quarter of a million dollars,” Diddy told Wright.

“If I win, we all win!” Diddy added.


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It appears Diddy has even more untold stories floating out there as Instagram user @divashine04 shared her story in the comment section about her interaction with the “Bad Boy Records” rapper.

She shares that after losing an earring during a night out, Diddy spontaneously gave her $200 so she could purchase a new pair. She describes the moment as a “blessing.”

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“I remember meeting Diddy I never forget the night he made it rain hundred dollar bills I never experienced that ever hundred dollar bills we had a blast that night he also had the bar open for all the ladies to have drinks for days NO lady pay for no drinks I also remember why I was in the mist of partying I lost my earring he stop the music and said here is $200 for your earrings let’s party I also caught some 100s dollar bills as well too it was just an amazing night and I will never forget what a blessing thanks Diddy much Love your such an amazing person Thanks for such an amazing memory as well you you know how to party,” Instagram user @divashine04 wrote in the comment section.

Diddy certainly has the net worth to back these spontaneous acts of kindness in the form of dollars.

As AfroTech previously told you, Diddy has built a net worth that sits around $850 million, thanks to his impressive portfolio under Combs Enterprises, which includes AquaHYDRATE, Bad Boy Entertainment, the Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School, Combs Wines & Spirits, CÎROC, DeLeón, Sean John, REVOLT Films, & REVOLT TV & Media.

Also, his contributions to music and fashion have played a role in his wealth.