Speculations surrounding The Honey Pot Company products circulated on social media this week, sending users into a frenzy.

Did The Honey Pot Company Get Acquired?

After realizing the feminine hygiene company’s formula had changed, many users took their frustrations to social media as many felt misled. What’s more, the changes led users to speculate that co-founder, CIO, and CEO Beatrice Dixon sold the company.

“Honey pot is now black founded and not black owned. They also added chemicals to them. Please don’t use these products,” one Twitter user wrote.

Beatrice Dixon Speaks Out

In response, Dixon has since issued a public statement on Instagram to clear the air.

“The Honey Pot is still owned by my brother, myself, and our team. Number two, we have updated the wash formula for good reason. I’ll explain some of the new ingredients, but I also acknowledge that we should have shared more communication about the updates,” Dixon said.

She continued: “Transparency and communication has always been our promise to you, so I will be real. We have evolved our washes. What we have not done is compromise what matters, which is being plant-derived, being pH balanced, and being backed by science. I assure you that this formula is what it was designed to be, which is safe, beautiful, and even more effective.”

Dixon Reassures Products Are Still Effective And Safe

Dixon also added that The Honey Pot has always had preservatives in its products. However, the new ingredients were integrated to ensure longer shelf life and also to maintain their effectiveness despite the daily habits of consumers. In addition, she mentioned phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, and sodium benzoate were all added to keep up with new regulations.

And, she explained that the company continues to stay away from “parabens, dioxides, and sulfates” while affirming the products are still “safe” and “kind to the skin.”

“Despite and because regulations have changed, we have invested millions of dollars into additional clinical research in our washes with humans to continue to evolve them to be the best. They continue to be safe, gentle, and kind to skin. These are actual certifications. The changes you see are simply new branding, clinically substantiated branding,” Dixon said. “We do not formulate with added parabens, dioxides, and sulfates. We continue to use purified water and organic apple cider vinegar, and the washes continued to be pH balancing.”

She continued: “We thank you for your love, your support, your kind words, and frankly, even your unkind ones. I am aware that change isn’t widely accepted, but beautiful humans, change is inevitable, especially with growth and time. We have not sold. We are the same brand that you lifted up and fought for two years ago. Honey Pot is a human-owned brand. I designed a brand and a product line that is revolutionary and owned by me, my brother, and our team.”

After clearing the air on Instagram, The Honey Pot took to Twitter to provide more information regarding the changes. Dixon also provided an invitation to her email inbox for questions, which you can see below.