There was quarter-over-quarter solid growth in the tech jobs market, with a 16 percent increase in postings in this year’s second quarter.

Dice, a tech career-building company, released findings of tech jobs in its latest report. As far as methodology, the company analyzed more than one million tech job postings between April and June 2021 and compared that analysis to the same data collected from January through March 2021. Burning Glass Technologies provided all of the data for Dice to analyze. 

There was tech job posting growth across locations, occupations, skills and employers in the U.S. from Q1 to Q2. Emerging tech hubs like Las Vegas, Sacramento and Nashville saw the most substantial growth, a press release states, and job postings from the top 50 tech employers remained high.

“We are in one of the hottest tech job markets since the dot-com era, as evidenced by the upward trend in tech job postings since November 2020,” Dice CEO Art Zeile said in a press release. “What’s most encouraging to me is the sweeping growth we experienced in the second quarter regardless of location, desired occupation, or skillset.”

As far as job posting volume quarter-over-quarter, New York’s volume increased by 21 percent, Atlanta increased by 18 percent, and Chicago rose by 11 percent. Forty-eight out of 50 top cities saw job posting growth, with emerging tech hubs outperforming the OGs. The cities in this category are ranked by the number of tech job postings they have. 

Here are the top ten cities by job posting volume compared to Q1, with their percentage change:

  1. New York: 21 percent
  2. Atlanta: 18 percent 
  3. Chicago: 11 percent 
  4. San Francisco: 4 percent 
  5. Washington, D.C.: 18 percent 
  6. Austin, Texas: 25 percent 
  7. Seattle: no change 
  8. Dallas: 22 percent 
  9. Los Angeles: 7 percent 
  10. Boston: 25 percent

Las Vegas saw the highest increase in tech job postings quarter-over-quarter with 43 percent. Sacramento’s tech job postings increased by 36 percent. The cities in this category are ranked by the increase in job postings compared to Q1.

Here are the top ten cities by job posting growth:

  1. Las Vegas: 43 percent
  2. Sacramento: 36 percent
  3. Huntsville, Alabama: 35 percent
  4. Nashville: 32 percent
  5. Hartford, Connecticut: 31 percent 
  6. Miami: 30 percent
  7. Colorado Springs: 27 percent
  8. Phoenix: 26 percent 
  9. Austin: 25 percent
  10. Jersey City: 25 percent

“When pairing the increases in tech hiring with the steadfastly low tech unemployment rate of 2.2 percent, it remains clear that technologists are in incredibly high demand across multiple sectors including tech, defense, healthcare, and finance,” Zeile said. 

Some of the top tech skills in demand based on job posting volume were project management, technical support, python, javascript, and Linux. Python remains a dominant tech skill in-demand with a 15 percent quarter-over-over increase in job postings. 

Here are some more key findings from the report:

  • There’s a pressing need for UI/UX designers
  • Project management job postings increased 15 percent in the second quarter, meaning employers want technologists to have leadership skills as well. 
  • Florida’s job postings increased by 25 percent from Q1. 
  • Technologists with Salesforce and marketing experience are in need with an increase of 22 percent in job postings. 

Dice releases this report quarterly, so be on the lookout for Q3 findings.

Check out this link to download Dice’s Q2 Tech Job report.