Dwayne Johnson’s Teremana Tequila is a major success.

According to Forbes, the American oak barrel-aged tequila brand has sold 1 million cases in a single year. Only 10 other tequila brands can boast this achievement.

“The launch of Teremana Tequila has been an unprecedented and historic success in North America,” Johnson told Forbes. “It has far exceeded all of our expectations and is accelerating at an extraordinary pace towards its full potential. Taste, quality and affordability are the keys to Teremana’s success.”


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Johnson launched the brand first in 2020, taking a risky foray into the industry as COVID-19 took hold of the world.

Johnson was willing to let the product speak for itself, and he leaned into his loyal fanbase.

“We took it one step further and actually showed what old school means to us: fully matured agave, slower cooking, lowering the temperature,” Johnson explained to Forbes. “And we saw a white space in the market to come in with a quality liquid at an accessible price point. And I’ve said this internally over and over to my team, we don’t wanna promote, we don’t want to market, we have a relationship with the people.”

What’s more, Johnson is committed to the success of the brand, and he declared that he’s in it long-term. He has no intention of selling the company for a massive payday.

“I’m a long-gamer with no exit strategy. My hope is, back during launch—as it is now—this is a legacy brand and I’m in it for the long haul, I’m not looking for an exit strategy in five years,” Johnson said. “For my other friends in the tequila business—Kevin [Hart] and [Mark] Wahlberg—I know what they’re doing. And it’s hard to do. But they’re in it for other reasons; they see an exit strategy and that’s their business model. I wish them well.”