Coviello Salinès got his start in life as a scientist. Throughout his career, he studied several neurosurgery books and ultimately fulfilled his father’s dream. But when his father, Freddie Francisco Salinès, passed away tragically, Coviello Salinès hung up his medical scrubs and put on his sommelier robes.

In so doing, he created the world’s first-ever blue wine, Amour Genève.

“I started writing out the formula of not only the derivative of grape skins but the anthocyanin compound that is in multiple fruits and vegetables. I also wrote the analysis of spectrum when it came down to the acidic to pH scalability of these different types of skins that allowed the molecular breakdown of that compound to sustain another color,” Coviello told our sister site, TravelNoire. “So at that point, I started researching it, I figured out a formula that I was comfortable with, and I brought it to a few of the researchers and a few of the people that I was close with. And we started to find different areas that we can start sourcing these products.”

Today, Amour Genève is the world’s first FDA, TTB, and EU-approved natural blue wine.


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