Cordell Broadus persists in his quest to foster opportunities for artists.

On Thursday, March 7, 2024, Broadus was seen in The Bahamas to distribute scholarships through the Champ Medici Arts Fund, a $1 million philanthropic initiative in collaboration with the Tezos Foundation. The purpose of the financial commitment is to ensure “emerging and legacy musicians and artists” are supported in their creative endeavors on the Tezos blockchain, the foundation’s website mentions.

“The power of community is at the center of everything I create,” Broadus told AFROTECH™. “My vision and the inspiration behind the fund have been to provide opportunities and access to new technology and innovative forms of artistic expression for up-and-coming artists, especially for minority groups.”

Broadus’ focus on the country follows years of visitations, igniting his desire to support local artists in a meaningful manner. Hence, the University of The Bahamas (UB) emerges as one of the recent recipients of the Champ Medici Arts Fund Scholarship Award, a news release provided to AFROTECH™ mentions. This financial contribution — a donation of $100,000 — aims to bolster the university’s art and music division, empowering students with opportunities to explore Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects and deepen their understanding of the Web3 space, according to Bahamas Local. Furthermore, the university will be granted an extra gift earmarked for technological equipment and supplies to further enhance digital art and music initiatives.

“My hope is that ultimately this investment will empower students to unlock their full potential and explore new frontiers in music and art,” Broadus said. “It’s an opportunity to learn everything they can about the technology and use this knowledge that can potentially lead to new ways for them to create and innovate in an industry that continues to evolve.”

Jean-Frédéric Mognetti, executive director of the Tezos Foundation, said in the news release, “The partnership winds down, but the commitment  remains the same, and we are pleased that Champ Medici will support University of The Bahamas to offer to the next generation of creative talent the opportunity to join the Tezos Art ecosystem and to discover the power of its protocol.”

Furthermore, the Champ Medici Arts Fund will also award Philadelphia, PA-based nonprofit Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation (Rush Art), created by visual artist Danny Simmons, with a grant that will be used to assist in Dara Haskins’ inaugural project on the Tezos blockchain.

“Rush Arts was one of the first organizations we partnered with because they have a long history of providing art education to underserved youth in Philly,” Broadus mentioned. “It was important for us to support Dara Haskins and her first project on the Tezos blockchain.”