Multi-hyphenate entertainer B. Simone has set out to do one thing: earn one million dollars.

Late February, the comedian made the bold promise to herself “to be a millionaire by her 30th birthday” and share her journey with her 4 million-plus followers.

“This is a crazy goal and it’s insane and I”m gonna do it,” she told fans in an IGTV video. “I don’t care. I’m not gonna be 30 without a million in my savings [account].”

To accrue this much cash in 50 days, the self-proclaimed “Female Jamie Foxx” leans into her brand. The Houston-bred, Atlanta-based personality has several businesses and even prior hustles she can tap into.

At the start of this journey, Simone promoted her merch store, B Inspired By B. Simone, and B. Simone Beauty, a vegan and cruelty-free makeup collection. Also, the licensed beautician offered hair services, including sew-ins.

“I will go to the mall and pass out lip gloss,” she said adamantly, showcasing her drive to reach the goal. “I haven’t done hair in over two years, but I have 50 days and I’m great at doing hair.”

Simone even promoted paid ads for her fans’ small businesses via her Instagram stories.

As time closes in on her special date, April 5, B. Simone updated her journey via her YouTube channel, aptly named Baby Girl TV after her high-pitched catchphrase. Though Simone’s pace has been slow but steady, the pandemic thwarted several of her money-making plans. As a result, a variety of expenses have become a financial hurdle, including cancellations and returned deposits.

“But we are not gonna fret, we still have plans in motion,” she says in the video.

Most recently, her new four-chapter book, “Baby Girl Manifest The Life You Want,” is another resource to help inch her closer to a milli. It’s part workbook, part diary that details the road from her humble beginnings to now.

As B. Simone works toward achieving her million-dollar savings dream, one thing is crystal: She understands the power of manifestation and is inspiring others to do the same.

“Anything I want, I get,” Simone said.

Watch Baby Girl TV to keep up with B. Simone.