Coi Leray is setting the record straight on whether or not her debut album, “Trendsetter,” is deemed a success.

In an interview with Amazon Music’s Bars and Nuggets podcast, the rapper recalled how the blogs were ridiculing her after the album was released in April.

The album “Trendsetter” debuted at No. 89 and sold 11,500 sales in its first week. 

Nearly six months later, the 25-year-old has an update — her album is on its way to being certified Gold.

Coi Leray Responds To The Blogs' Hate

“People try to sh-t on my album,” she told Bimma, The Storytella. “They said the first week it sold 11,000 sales. It’s so crazy because out of all the albums that dropped, nobody goes viral like that but of course, Coi Leray is perfect at headlines. It’s like ‘Cool.’ I keep their lights on, they keep my lights on. So, I don’t mind the blogs doing what they gotta do. But y’all gonna respect me. Y’all gonna appreciate me.”

“If you look at any of your favorite female artists and you look at their first debut album and their sales, come on,” she added.

Leveraging TikTok

While speaking on her sales, Leray emphasized how she believes the music industry’s evolution plays a significant factor. She credits how finding her lane on TikTok helped her gain new fans and up her numbers. Leray mentioned in the interview how people would make fun of her for using the platform yet her hit “No More Parties” is double platinum.

“Once I knew that TikTok drove streams, I’m about my money and I’m about strategy…Check the numbers out because TikTok is helping me go crazy and as you can see now, everybody’s on TikTok.”

The Bigger Picture

Leray used her popularity on TikTok, growing from four million to ten million followers in a year, to create Trendsetter Studios, a marketing and production company to help other artists and brands.