Entrepreneur Clarence Boston is expanding his business to Charlotte, NC.

Boston is the visionary behind Hippin’ Hops Brewery, which made its debut in Atlanta, GA, Thrillist reports. Before officially opening shop in 2021, Boston had dabbled in various other business ventures including two restaurants and a cigar bar located in his hometown of Charlotte.

It was intended that Hippin’ Hops Brewery would find its footing in the state of North Carolina in 2018. However, finding the right location did not pan out. Instead Boston and his wife, Donnica, took the business idea to Atlanta, GA, one of their favorite cities, where it became the first Black-owned, brick-and-mortar brewery, according to Thrillist.

Besides serving authentic craft beer among other drinks, the restaurant also boasts menu items such as shrimp po’ boys, oysters Rockefeller, and fish and grits.

Having faithfully served the people of Atlanta for several years, Hippin’ Hops Brewery will be returning to its conceptual roots. According to The Charlotte Observer, Hippin’ Hops Brewery has expanded to Charlotte and will reside on 650 E. Brooklyn Village Ave.

Customers can expect to be seated starting in December 2023.

“It’s a great space and location with two buildings near (Interstate) 277,” Boston said, according to The Charlotte Observer. “lt’s already set up for a brewery, even with water infiltration. We just have to paint.”

The outlet also mentions Hippin’ Hops will be looking at another first. The business will become the first Black-owned distillery in Charlotte. Additionally, it’s poised to become the second Black-owned brewery in the city, following Weathered Souls Brewing Co.

“North Carolina is our biggest customer,” Boston explained, per The Charlotte Observer.

The latest locations will feature notable differences. Unlike the Atlanta venue, which places emphasis on its oyster bar, the Charlotte location will prioritize live music, along with offerings of beer and spirits.

What’s more, Boston is staying busy and has yet another venture up his sleeve. He will join Charlotte bar owner Orlando Botero to open Another Brewery at 2509 N. Davidson S.