Charles Barkley’s vodka brand has landed a major deal.

As AFROTECH previously told you, he is the majority owner of Birmingham, AL-based, Redmont Vodka. His interest in the sector stemmed from wanting to operate a business near his hometown of Leeds as well as his passion for spirits.

“I’m a vodka splash of cranberry guy. I love vodka. I really think our product is really good or I wouldn’t have bought the company,” Barkley told Southern Living at the time.

The brand is currently housed nationally at Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants and can also be found in the State Farm Arena, one of the top 10 busiest concert venue in the United States, per Pollstar, thanks to a partnership between Redmont Distilling Co. and the Atlanta Hawks NBA team, Birmingham Business Journal reports.

“It’s within our footprint. We have a strong presence there. And it’s an incredible organization to partner with,” Eleanor Estes, CEO of Redmont Distilling Co., said according to the outlet.

The partnership stemmed from Estes connecting with Atlanta Hawks Chief Revenue Office Andrew Saltzman — who is a friend of Barkley — during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four.

Saltzman told the outlet that when forging business relationships the arena and team are looking to ensure they meet their benchmarks of “inclusiveness, authenticity, and innovation.”

“That’s a lens that we look through in many aspects of our business partnerships and beyond,” he said. “So you want to find brands that are like-minded value-wise, that certainly are quality brands, that seem to fit, again, the mindset of our organization.”

He also stated, “If there are brands that make sense, that are interested in growing their footprint here and believe that State Farm Arena and the Atlanta Hawks are a vehicle to help them do that, those are conversations we surely want to have because we really are a regional asset in so many ways.”

Looking ahead, Redmont Vodka is poised to bring a Hawks Redmont-branded bottle to market in 2024. There are also plans to expand to Pennsylvania and North Carolina next.