Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s backing of a popular fast-food chain appears to run deeper than just what’s on the menu.

While reflecting on what he and his fellow “I Am Athlete” podcast co-hosts spent their first NFL checks on, the former NFL star recalled heading to one of his favorite food spots, McDonald’s, to grab a bite. In addition, he shared how he’s more involved in the establishment than just being a frequent customer since his childhood.

Johnson owns three McDonald’s franchises in Cincinnati, Indiana, and Miami.

“You think this lifestyle provided itself?” Johnson asked co-host Brandon Marshall.

Along with having ownership, he has credited it for supporting him during his football career.

“When I was a kid, burgers were 50 cents,” he told GQ Sports. “Fries were 20 cents. Therefore, it was all we could afford when I was a kid. You know what happened when I was little too when I ate McDonald’s? I never got hurt. You know what else I did as a kid when I ate McDonald’s? I dominated everything that I did, even in kindergarten.”

Johnson has always had no shame in his game when it comes to being frugal to upkeep his finances. As previously reported by AFROTECH, during his time playing for the Cincinnati Bengals, he lived at the Paul Brown stadium to save money.

“As a rookie coming into the league, I stayed at [Paul Brown Stadium] my first two years because there was no point in spending money and wasting money when everything I need is already there,” Johnson explained to Entertainment Tonight.

He continued, “I didn’t move out of my grandmother’s house because I was content and used to where I lived,” he added. “I didn’t move out of her house until my fourth year in the NFL.”