Sometimes you can’t just trust the process; you have to trust yourself as well. It’s something Samara Moore has learned during her career in technology. As a Security Assurance Senior Manager and Global Energy Specialist, she’s made her mark since joining Amazon Web Services (AWS) by leading the security and compliance program for regulated industries and public sector throughout North and South America.

It’s a role that found her unexpectedly while she was still with another company. She says this shift happened while “I was going along my merry way with a company that I really enjoyed, and I got wind of an opportunity at AWS and someone said ‘Hey would you consider this?’” Less than two months later, Moore found herself implementing and sustaining integral programs that effectively managed cyber risks and aligned security measures with business and IT strategies.

In many ways, it’s a role Moore was simply made for, thanks in part to experience that draws on over a decade with the federal government, including working as a former Director of Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity for the White House National Security Council and Senior Cybersecurity Advisor at the Energy Department.

“I followed my passion in technology and always want to stretch myself and do something new, so when the opportunity came to work at AWS, I decided to really pursue it and see where it took me,” Moore explains.

By trusting and betting on herself, Moore ultimately found success at AWS by creating a rewarding career that allows her to live in her purpose. “The most rewarding thing is I get to do things that haven’t been done before. I get to learn, grow and really make a difference.”

She encourages other Black professionals to chase dreams of their own as a result. For those looking to walk a similar path, Moore advises, “Learn the fundamentals, understand your craft and focus on something in the technology career that you really enjoy. The way that I got here, I started working in an area that I was interested in and I didn’t necessarily know everything, but I had the push and the drive to go dig and learn. I got my certifications, I actually did the job for a while and then I saw something else I was interested in.”

She adds, “Be a constant learner, be willing to step out and take risks, and when you see those opportunities come your way, trust yourself and then go for it.”