Cardi B isn’t only making millions in the music business.

On March 29, the rapper announced that Whipshots, her vodka-infused non-dairy whipped cream collaboration with Starco Brands, has sold over 2 million cans, according to a press release.


Launched in December 2021, the new milestone comes just four months after the boozy whipped cream brand sold 1 million cans within 10 months.

The product comes in two sizes and retails for $5.99 (50-milliliter can) and $14.99 (200-milliliter can).

“We just went double platinum! We’re not playing around when we say Whipshots is the best,” Cardi B shared in the press statement. “Boozy and beautiful since day one, and two million cans later, there is no slowing us down. I love the fans supporting our brand – let’s keep this party going!”

In addition to its rising sales, Whipshots is expanding its reach across the U.S. The press release notes that the spirits industry disruptor is in new states such as Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey, and Tennessee. Whipshots are available in 26 markets across the nation. What’s more, the company has brought on new retail partners including Meijer, Albertsons, Walmart, Vons, Rouses, Woodman’s, and Giant Eagle.

“The overwhelming demand for Whipshots across the US has been astounding and is a true testament to what’s possible when you have an incredible product and best-in-class retail partners,” Starco Brands CEO Ross Sklar said.

Cardi B has been locked in on her vision for Whipshots since the beginning of the business venture. During an interview with Complex in 2022, the 30-year-old spoke about her passion behind her deal with Starco Brands.

“I feel like if it was just mediocre, people would just be like, ‘Ah, whatever,’” she said. “Things are always going to sell when you have hard-core fans, but I wanted this to be big. Like, bigger than life, and that is always the goal. So I believe in my product. I love my product. It’s delicious and it’s very strong. And I feel like everybody keeps giving me positive feedback.”