Artificial Intelligence (AI) has caught the attention of Cardi B, and not for the right reasons.

On Twitter, a video was shown of what appears to be the “Bongos” artist promoting a reloadable health spending card that claims to provide greater financial security to individuals by dispersing $16,000 through a stimulus program.

“It’s your girl Cardi, and imma show you how to put $16,000 in your pocket right now for free. So pay attention. The state’s handing out these stacks to every single one of y’all,” the video mentioned. “You don’t even need a job. It’s all part of a stimulus style program to help Americans get back on their feet. They’re sending out these health spending cards reloaded with that green every single month.”

However, Cardi made it clear that this was not her promoting the health spending card. Instead, AI was behind it. Now, she has threatened to take legal action.

“AI is crazy smh….another lawsuit that fell right on my lap…I love easy money,” Cardi B wrote on Twitter.

At this time, details or specifics of the brewing lawsuit have not been made public.