Blakk Tatted has done it again! The music artist and entrepreneur is celebrating a major victory after Black Friday sales.

According to a news release reported by Yahoo, his company, Blakk Smoke, achieved an impressive $2 million in sales within a mere 23 minutes during Black Friday on Nov. 24, 2023.

As AFROTECH has told you, ringing in the big bucks is nothing new for the New Orleans, LA, native. Blakk Tatted, whose given name is Cardell Bradley, previously raked in $1 million in nine hours for his products, which are made with real fruit and have no nicotine or tobacco.

“Hookah is my passion, but anybody that’s an avid hookah smoker knows the feeling that it gives you afterward. It’s just not worth it,” he explained to AFROTECH at the time. “Being an advocate for hookah and telling people you should try, you would love it, I felt guilty because I know it’s not the best thing to introduce to people. Many people are influenced by me, so if I’m going to do something, I will hope I’m setting the best example possible. That’s when I wanted to create a healthier alternative for people.”

Blakk Smoke has received resounding support, and in light of the company’s most recent win, Blakk Tatted took to Instagram to share his gratitude.

“I waited ALL MY LIFE, for this moment to ARRIVE … and FINALLY… I BELIEVE. 2 MILLION dollars in 23 MINUTES‼️ and Almost 4 MILLION Total, 3.8 MILLION to be EXACT (Swipe) ‼️ Can’t NOBODY tell me what GOD can’t do,” he expressed on Instagram. “This moment is BIGGER THAN just ME, this is ABOUT YALL because do YALL SEE how POWERFUL YALL ARE when yall COME TOGETHER?”

He added, “If you’re thinking that YOU CAN’T chase YOUR DREAMS and make them YOUR REALITY, then I’m PROOF that you CAN… BELIEVE in YOURSELF & KEEP GOING because @blakksmoke is now the #1 Hookah Company in the WORLD 🌎 after I entered the TOBACCO INDUSTRY with a product that I created that contains NO TOBACCO, so go figure… I was literally told that somebody of MY KIND and MY COLOR didn’t BELONG in this industry, I still FIGHT against “THEM” til this day‼️”


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