Pharrell’s Black Ambition has yet to cease supporting current and former HBCU students.

In 2021, AfroTech reported on Spelman alumna Mya Havard and her co-founders being awarded $100,000 to help more people buy Black. Now, Black Ambition has backed another HBCU alumna, except this one is supporting student-parents.

Demo Day: On Nov. 1, Black Ambition partnered with the Mighty Dream Forum for its Black Ambition Demo Day. For the annual event, Black and Latinx founders were awarded a total of up to $2.5 million for their companies. 

One of the top finalists was Jasmine Godbolt.

During her sophomore year at North Carolina Central University, the South Carolina native created The Nesting Nannies — an educational drop-in college campus childcare program for students, per the company’s website. 

Having a single mom who didn’t have the opportunity to attend college showed Godbolt firsthand just how resourceful the program could be.

1 in 5 undergraduate students are parents, according to The Nesting Nannies.

Godbolt doesn’t believe being a parent should keep anyone from being able to pursue higher education. Therefore, she took action to help bridge the gap.

Tying in her love for children, the CEO created The Nesting Nannies to serve as an affordable, reliable way for student-parents to access care for their children.

Godbolt was awarded a $25,000 check by Black Ambition to grow the company and support those in need of The Nesting Nannies’ service.

“Thanks so much @pharrell for having a vision and taking action,” The Nesting Nannies wrote in an Instagram post. “You just helped change the lives of so many student parents, we’re so grateful for this opportunity and program!”

The organization is led by students as Godbolt sees it as a way for them to “make extra income on campus while gaining credible work experience and professional development training that will add value to their resume once graduating,” according to the company’s website.