Black hair struggles just got a bit easier with this innovator’s creation.

TikTok user @Krysanthum created a simple, effective method for ensuring your middle part isn’t crooked. Initially, she came across issues of her TikTok filter being unsteady, but after brainstorming on her iPad, she was able to make it successful as it guides you to make a straight, crisp middle part. The innovation came after her own battle with not being able to accomplish straight lines.

@krysanthum My fellow unmiddle partians, lemme know if this Middle Part Filter works for you #middlepartfilter #blackhairtiktok #hairparttutorial #middlepart ♬ Hot Music – Soho

“I came up with this line thing so that if you turn your head too much to either way you’re going to see green,” she explained. “You don’t wanna see green at all. You just wanna see pink. Then, I created some graphics to help you figure out how to use this filter.”

“Just keep your head straight and go along the line and hopefully this will help us have the most middlest part ever, amen,” she added.

However, @Krysanthum didn’t just stop there for people that are “middle part deficient.” She went on to create filters for braid parting, which can be just as much of a challenge, if not more, for people. Her first attempt to do triangle parts was a hit, thanks to her creation.

The video has since gone viral, raking in over 180,000 views, as of this writing. Social media users convened in the comments expressing how much of a necessity the filters are for the Black community, especially for those who are beginners at styling their own hair. What’s more, they urged her to patent the filters.

“You’re doing the Lord’s work,” one user commented. “We love a brilliant Black woman.”

As the video continues to blow up, this may just be the beginning of what the innovator has in store for game-changing filters.

In the comment section, she confirmed that she’s a mechanical engineer.

We always love to see Black women in STEM!