The “Lifestyle Specialist” Kenny Burns, kicked it with host Will Lucas on this week’s episode of Black Tech Green Money to give us the game on how to really identify with what it is that makes you feel whole and excited and how to double down on it while remaining true to yourself.

Kenny Burns is not only a true pioneer in the hip-hop community, but he has effectively contributed to the culture for nearly 28 years. He’s hosted some of the most iconic parties that the industry has ever seen, led RyanKenny, the 2nd Black American apparel line retailed in Saks Fifth Avenue, and has worked as a top influencer in music and entertainment with brands like Grey Goose Vodka, CIROC, and now Uncle Nearest.

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As someone who’s had the ability to influence people far before the term influencer was considered a title, Burns says he’s “always supported or used any brand” that he’s been part of and speaks to the importance of work ethic.

“If you want something bad enough, you’re going to work hard enough to get it and working doesn’t mean sacrificing your soul or putting yourself in a compromising situation,” Kenny Burns says.

He also stresses authenticity, saying, “you should never feel like there’s pressure to do something that makes you uncomfortable to gain. Authentically being yourself will get you there.”

Burns goes on to reflect on his formula to success and reminds us that, “if you’re yourself long enough, they will pay you to be you.” 

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Kenny Burns is a husband, father of two young men, and a mentor to a plethora of others. In episode 6 of the Black Tech Green Money podcast, he shares that his true belief is that it’s not only about being yourself but never stepping outside of yourself to continue your journey.  

At this point in his life, Burns says he looks at things more purposefully and wants to have the legacy piece attached to everything that he does. He shares his personal proverb of simply wanting to “mean something to somebody.”

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