The Class of 2020 graduates have had an unexpected year, but Springfield High School senior Roberta Hannah has a bright future to look forward to.

The Massachusetts teen was accepted to all eight Ivy League schools, the Western Mass News reports. As a senior at Springfield High School of Science and Technology, Hannah decided initially to only apply to three until her mother and sister pushed her to apply to the entire group of private institutions. On Ivy Day, March 26, she realized her family was right.

“I was really anxious getting up to the day, and then I started opening the letters, and I was like ‘oh, I keep seeing ‘yes,’” she told Western Mass News.

Getting into every Ivy is no easy feat, and Hannah’s no slouch. The soon-to-be graduate worked tirelessly throughout her high school career.

“A lot of studying,” she said. “Last year, I took four AP classes, but up until then, I was mostly in honors classes or pre-AP, and so last year, I took four AP classes, and this year I’m taking seven AP exams.”

With eight solid choices to pick from, any normal kid might hesitate. However, Hannah, who plans to study biochemistry and African American studies, knows what she wants to be and where she’s going.

“So my goal is to be a medicinal chemist, but with making medicine and kind of the one researching it,” she said. “I want my focus to be on increasing accessibility and making the medicine more affordable.”

So where will she get her education? Hannah said she will be attending Columbia University.