A new Black-owned restaurant has opened in Los Angeles.

MTV “Ridiculousness” co-host Sterling “Steelo” Brim, Alahna Jade, and business partners Vincent Bryant and Scott Williams are the masterminds behind Linden.

Located on the historic Sunset Boulevard, Linden is on a mission to bring delicious dishes from the Big Apple to Hollywood.

“I’ve always had a passion for hosting and creating memorable experiences for others and found a lot of joy in curating vibes and bringing people together,” Jade told Blavity when asked about the inspiration behind the restaurant. “When Sterling and I came together as a couple, we realized that our shared love for hospitality was something we could turn into a fulfilling venture.”

Brim’s introduction to the restaurant business started in New York with Las’ Lap, alongside Bryant and Williams, who are part of the team behind Linden.


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“The L.A. crowd was waiting on something like this,” Brim told Blavity. “Las’ Lap represents warmth, community, and equality. It can be difficult to find this same sense of warmth in Hollywood. At Linden, just like Las’ Lap, we want guests to feel like they belong because they do. We also believe that’s what our celebrity clientele like about the space; they come into Linden and feel normal. That’s a breath of fresh air.”

Jade recalled the journey to becoming Black business owners in the restaurant and hospitality space as “incredibly rewarding and humbling.”

“We’ve been fortunate to receive overwhelming support from our community, and it’s been heartwarming to witness the genuine embrace of our concept,” Jade told Blavity. “Initially, we relied on the support of our friends and family, but very quickly, we’ve seen our customer base grow organically as people continue to return, not just because they know us, but because they genuinely love what we offer. It’s been particularly meaningful to us to provide a space that resonates with the Black community, where everyone feels welcomed, appreciated, and celebrated. We’re passionate about creating a positive impact through our restaurant and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the vibrant culinary landscape of our community.”

As the co-host of MTV’s long-running reality video show “Ridiculousness” and with multiple years in the music business, Brim compared his work within the entertainment industry to his journey as an entrepreneur.

“The experience has been challenging for sure,” he said. “People say hospitality is the hardest space to crack into, and they’re not wrong, but more than anything, our community has made us feel like we’re in the right space and have welcomed us with open arms. We’ve tried to create a ‘home’ environment for them, and they’ve done the same for us.”

Overall, Jade said the Linden team wants customers to “feel safe, warm, giddy, and at home” whenever they have the opportunity to dine at the restaurant.

“We hope that when people visit Linden, they feel like they’re stepping into a home away from home, where they’re warmly welcomed and embraced by our community-driven atmosphere,” said Jade. “Our goal is to provide an elevated dining experience that doesn’t feel exclusive but rather inclusive and inviting. We want our guests to feel relaxed, comfortable, and cared for, leaving them with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in their hearts and stomachs.”