Kanye West debuted the Sunday Service Choir upon the release of his 2019 gospel album “Jesus Is Born.” Since then, West has traveled the country with his choir, live streaming performances to viewers all over the world. 

In an effort to expand the Sunday Service experience, West partnered with MyChannel Inc. (MYC), a Black-owned e-commerce and video company that specializes in telecommunication and engaging enterprises with target audiences. 

However, MYC –founded by CEO Julian Duggan and COO Gibran Gadsden — now claims that West has exploited the company when he broke their mutual non-disclosure agreement. In the 32-page complaint, the company claims West took “their proprietary and confidential technology and information to fuel the e-commerce engine” for his Yeezy brand, reports MSN.

In a formal complaint, MYC claims they worked with West for over six months, devoted “tens of thousands” of work hours and original intellectual property to their partnership, and invested millions of their own funds to relocating closer to Yeezy headquarters. 

According to the federal lawsuit that was filed in California Central District, West allegedly promised the company a $10 million investment, only to use a replica video e-commerce technology to generate sales on his Sunday Service platform.

“He later inexplicably reneged on his promises seemingly on a whim and walked away from the successful partnership while misappropriating MYC’s proprietary and trade secrets, netting Kanye hundreds of millions of dollars off the back of MYC,” according to the complaint, reports MSN.

Ben Meiselas, MYC’s attorney took to social media to release a statement:

“Attorney Michael Popok and I just filed a federal lawsuit against Kanye West for misappropriating proprietary information and not paying his business partners. We will hold Mr. West accountable, as well as those who aided and abetted his conduct, and bring justice to our client.”

Although the lawsuit has not yet gone to trial, MYC is requesting compensation for the damages.