Shopping is therapeutic, especially when purchasing items that can bring satisfaction. One major purchase that makes men and women happy is clothes. Clothing increases self-esteem, helps with branding ourselves, and promotes advocacies.

African Americans are known in the fashion industry to promote culture and black awareness. There are so many fashion designers and founders that excel in promoting their root and culture. Their pieces are uniquely curated and designed, not only for black people but also for those who want to experience and wear their vibrant fashion.

Here are some Black-owned clothing lines you should be support.

HGC Apparel – crafted with the spirit of 90s fashion and bold fashion statements

Founder: Marcia Smith

Location: Washington, DC

What they sell:

HGC Apparel is a black clothing line that is a little inspired by 90s fashion focusing on bold messages that reflect the black culture and black community. Their line includes streetwear hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts.


Fly by Knight – a lifestyle brand inspired by pop culture and blackness to celebrate Women of Color

Founder: Jamilah Knight

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

What they sell:

F.L.Y, an acronym for First Love Yourself, sells art prints that are uniquely designed and express to celebrate Women of Color. Amongst their collections are sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops, and jackets printed on American Apparel brand tees and Los Angeles Apparel brand tees.

Amyang Fashun – fashion and styling inspired by traditional West African culture and contemporaries

Founder: Kanu Sisters

Location: the United States and West Africa

What they sell:

Amyang Fashun is a black clothing line that is authentic in style and fashion. The textiles and materials they use to make statement pieces are a source out from The Continent of Africa making each piece luxurious and unique for their customers. Amongst their products are curated runway-worthy couture, accessories, and novelty items.


Lukafit – active sportswear to make women with curves sweat

Founder: Mbali

What they sell:

This black clothing line gives a solution to the problems of women with curves- their sportswear is not stretchable enough to fit them properly. In support, this brand created its products such as leggings and tops that can fit women of any body shape.

Stuzo Clothing – a black clothing line that sells neutral fashion to any gender

Founder: Stoney Michelli and Uzo Ejikeme

Location: Los Angeles

What they sell:

Stuzo Clothing believes that clothes don’t have any organs that is why they created clothing pieces that can be worn by any gender. Their pieces are designed to invoke emotion and thought such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, button-downs, jackets, jerseys, crop tops, and tank tops.


Dope on Arrival NYC – conversation started pieces

Founder: Imani B. Johnson

Location: Brooklyn, New York

What they sell:

This black clothing line is inspired by New York, 90s fashion, and self-advocacy of the black community. Each piece contains a bold statement about black culture awareness that is a conversation starter. Amongst their products are swimsuits, crop tops, sweatshirts, T-shirts, leggings, bags, hats, and other accessories.