Black Girls Code has new leadership. 

According to a press release, on Oct. 24, Cristina Jones was announced as the nonprofit organization’s CEO. Under her new role, Jones will lead in Black Girls Code’s expansion, including its curriculum and age limit.

As the focus is on workforce development, she will also build partnerships with industry forces “that create the conditions for girls of color to access career opportunities and grow into leaders whose imagination, verve, and creativity will materialize the regenerative future we need,” the press release wrote.

“I’m elated to join this global community at this pivotal moment,” Jones shared in a press statement. “An entire demographic has been missing from tech, and it’s time to advantage and embolden these future leaders to enter and thrive wherever this innovation is happening. We’re accelerating our mission to place one million girls of color in tech by 2040.”

According to Jones, the upcoming curriculum will include artificial intelligence (AI), leadership, and mental health. Additionally, networking is expected to be a prime focus.

“We’re assembling our BGC alums and the larger community for networking and professional development,” Jones wrote in a letter. “Join us as we surge to pioneer the largest pathway to tech for these future leaders.”

Prior to becoming Black Girls Code CEO, Jones was the chief engagement officer and chief marketing officer at Her experience as a C-suite executive and her passion for authentic storytelling, resulted in her being tapped to run Black Girls Code.

“We met with tens of stellar, extraordinary candidates for this position,” said former Board Chair Heather Hiles, per the press release. “Cristina is the perfect blend of an accomplished executive in tech with a creative, visionary, entrepreneurial spirit. She is the perfect fit for the new CEO of Black Girls Code.”