A thoughtful gift has transformed into an innovative beauty product that aims to be in everyone’s homes.

When Toye Onikoyi was brainstorming on a potential gift for his girlfriend, he created Muse Mirror instead. It’s a product that allows users to try on  makeup and different hairstyles — WBZ reports,


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“Instead of making her another scrapbook, let me make her something she uses every day which is a mirror and let me put some things on her mirror, like her calendar, events a greeting telling her that ‘hey you look beautiful,'” the University of Rhode Island graduate shared, according to the outlet.

“It will present a new affirmation video to you,” he continued. “Kind of like a morning pick me up.”

After receiving the mirror, Onikoyi’s girlfriend posted it on social media and it went viral. Then, he received messages from people wanting to get their hands on his tech product. Several years later, he’s now launched Muse Mirror for consumers to join in his ingenious idea.

Along with the lighting, virtual try-on, and affirmations, Muse Mirror offers third-party apps such as Netflix and YouTube, the outlet details.

“We wanted to help you with your daily routine,” Onikoyi said. “We wanted to help people find products for skin care.”

“Right now, there’s not a good way to try on products at home before you purchase it,” he added. “Clothing that may not fit you, makeup where you don’t really understand that this foundation isn’t right for you.”

Muse Mirror is set to offer live one-on-one makeup artist sessions this year. Additionally, a mobile app is in the works for the near future, the outlet notes. 

“I see The Muse Mirror as the mirror that everyone has in their home,” he said. “I see it as a bridge between retail and e-commerce.” 


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