Former President Barack Obama gave these twins the surprise of a lifetime.

Twin brothers Fred and Tim Williams are the hosts of a popular YouTube channel, TwinsTheNewTrend, which has 700,000 subscribers who tune in for their reactions to popular songs from Aerosmith to Dolly Parton to Whitney Houston.

On this latest episode, while the brothers listened to Bob Dylan’s “The Times Are A-Changin” from A Promised Land playlist — created by Obama, the former president joined them via video conference call.

“You guys have become these YouTube stars because you’ve been going to the backlist of old songs and rediscovering them, and opening up people’s minds to all kinds of different kinds of music,” Obama tells the twins.

Obama also talked to the Williams’ brothers about his appreciation for Bob Dylan and why he chose to include his son on his new memoir’s playlist.

“Whenever you can find some musicians that really have a message about how America might be, about how the world might be — that always is something I pay attention to, and he’s one of the greatest examples of that.”

This interview clip is a part of an upcoming episode of the YouTube Originals series BookTube, where Obama will spend more time discussing his new memoir “A Promised Land” with other YouTube creators.

The episode premieres on Dec. 16.