An upcoming wellness business is providing Baltimore, MD, youth with job opportunities.

Rich Juice Bar, founded by Michael Battle Jr. and Danielle Battle, is set to open its doors in South Baltimore — making it the neighborhood’s first-ever youth-operated juice bar.

The couple launched the business as a way to support Cherry Hill residents who don’t have access to affordable, nutritious food.

After beginning construction in August 2022, the co-founders are ready to make an impact on the local community with the motto of “pouring life into the community.”

“This social enterprise will provide wellness and economic vitality, health and delicious cold-pressed juices, nutrient rich smoothies, and plant-based food options,” said Rich Juice Bar’s Instagram caption. “The Rich Juice Bar will blossom in the heart of Cherry Hill’s food desert. The juice bar will also serve as an educational hub, sharing information about healthy eating and alternative food choices with the community.”

In addition to promoting a healthier lifestyle, the young employees at Rich Juice Bar will receive training on life skills such as communication, entrepreneurship, banking, and financial advocacy.

The store’s ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held on May 27.

This isn’t the Battle’s first time serving the community as Rich Juice Bar is an extension of the RICH (Restoring Inner City Hope) program.

Michael’s upbringing in Cherry Hill, watching the crime rate increase pushed him to want to enact change. At first, it started with the idea of hosting a prayer walk in his neighborhood back in 2011. Then, along with his wife and friends, it transformed into creating the Disciple Street Team, which developed into RICH.

Now, the team has an annual prayer walk and a full-service community resource center that houses an after-school program, a workforce development program, family support services, and more, according to the program’s website.