Ayesha Curry and Sydel Curry-Lee have embarked on new beginnings.

The duo has relaunched their luxury wine brand, Domaine Curry — which first launched in 2018 — according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The release of its new wines comes after being acquired by Constellation Brands for an undisclosed amount in June 2023, as previously shared by AFROTECH. The acquisition brought Domaine Curry under the portfolio of Prisoner Wine Company’s Aspira Fine Wine & Craft Spirits.

Curry, wife of basketball star Stephen Curry, and her sister-in-law Curry-Lee got the idea to found their company during a dinner with family in 2015, per the San Francisco Chronicle. 

“Domaine Curry is excited to officially be part of The Prisoner Wine Company family,” Curry shared in an Instagram post at the time. “Domaine Curry was created to honor and celebrate the strong women in our family, and we dedicate its future to fearless women from all walks of life. We hope you’ll join us on this incredible journey and follow along @domainecurrywine for new vintages and releases coming soon.”

The new releases feature a 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2021 “Founders Blend,” the San Francisco Chronicle details.

Teaming up with Prisoner Wine Company has allowed Curry and Curry-Lee to expand their company with access to more vineyards across California’s Napa Valley.

“We’ve been afforded the opportunity to be able to pull from so many different vineyards that have these gorgeous, well-aged vines that provide so much more complexity and different flavor,” Curry said. “It’s grown up a little bit.”

The partnership aligns with Constellation Brands’ commitment to invest $100 million in Black and minority-owned businesses by 2030. What’s more, Domaine Curry and Prisoner Wine Company aim to increase Black women’s representation in the wine space.

The first release of Domaine Curry’s new wines will be sold through the Prisoner Wine Company’s mailing list starting on Nov. 13, and online purchasing will be available in the near future, the outlet detailed. In addition, Domaine Curry is set to drop a new Sauvignon Blanc in the spring of 2024.