AWS announced Amazon Honeycomb, a new development tool that allows users to build mobile and web applications without writing code.

According to Tech Crunch, the web-based interface builder is backed by an AWS database and easy to use. In addition to customized apps, Amazon Honeycode offers templates for common uses, such as customer trackers, inventory management, and simple surveys.

“Customers have told us that the need for custom applications far outstrips the capacity of developers to create them,” said AWS VP Larry Augustin in the announcement. “Now with Amazon Honeycode, almost anyone can create powerful custom mobile and web applications without the need to write code.”

While Honeycode uses a spreadsheet view to help familiarize potential users, there’s no actual programming needed to create a powerful app. “Builders” can use formulas similar to a standard spreadsheet but virtually everything is plugged in via a drag-and-drop format. What’s more, “builders” can use the tool for project management, setting up notifications, reminders, and approval workflows within the service.

Overall, the new AWS product answers an ongoing demand for custom-built applications but lack of developers.

“We consistently hear from customers that there are problems they want to solve, they would love to have their IT teams or other teams — even outsourced help — build applications to solve some of those problems,” Augustin said. “But there’s just more demand for some kind of custom application than there are available developers to solve it.”

Currently, Amazon Honeycode boasts SmugMug and Slack as its first customers. Also, the service runs in the AWS U.S. West region in Oregon but will be available in other regions soon.

“We’re excited about the opportunity that Amazon Honeycode creates for teams to build apps to drive and adapt to today’s ever-changing business landscape,” said Brad Armstrong, VP of Business and Corporate Development at Slack, according to a press release. “We see Amazon Honeycode as a great complement and extension to Slack and are excited about the opportunity to work together to create ways for our joint customers to work more efficiently and to do more with their data than ever before.”

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