Audiomack, a youth-driven music streaming platform, has announced a historic donation to the Slum2School initiative.

In a press release announcement (via Business Insider), it was revealed that the company has partnered with the Slum2School initiative in Africa founded by Otto Orondaam. The Slum2School initiative is a volunteer-driven development organization that helps students in remote locations across Africa gain access to such things as quality education, entrepreneurial skills, and psychosocial support.

Audiomack donated $5,000 worth of tablets and headsets to the organization, which turned out to be 40 learning sets for students. These sets will go to students in Nigeria, who were displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic, and who otherwise didn’t have access to the learning materials necessary to get the education they needed from home.

“While the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted all aspects of our lives including the education sector, we recognize the increased gap on children from underprivileged communities as they are unable to access quality education and learning materials. This donation demonstrates our efforts to bridge this gap because we are committed to fostering a world where everyone has the opportunity to learn and prosper,” said Charlotte Bwana, Head of Business Development and Media Partnerships for Audiomack Africa, in the press release statement. 

This isn’t the first time Audiomack has made these types of donations. In March 2021, the company made a donation to Girls Who Listen and Pretty Girls Sweat in honor of Women’s History Month. The two companies received $2,000 each and the best part is, both companies are Black-owned.

“Monetary support coupled with awareness from Audiomack helps us continue to provide the most digestible health education in communities that don’t have access. Like Audiomack, we value the importance of providing a platform for youth to make positive life choices,” said Pretty Girls Sweat Founder Aeshia DeVore Branch in response to the donation.