When Dr. Susan Moore recorded that horrific video alleging medical racism before dying of COVID-19, Aubynette Rolle — like many of us — was horrified.

And she decided to take action about it.

“I was heartbroken to see the videos Dr. Moore recorded before her death and she is not the only one who has experienced or has recordings or allegations out there,” she said, to BlackNews.com. “I have read and seen footage so many times about Black women in the USA dying giving birth and their husbands and relatives are left with questions. In the majority of Black nations, it isn’t quite the case as infants and mothers do receive care generally from people who look like them.”

With this in mind, Rolle created The R.I.C.H. Experience, which is designed to end the “medical apartheid” inherent in the American system. The R.I.C.H. Experience, which was officially launched in the fall of 2020, but has started to gain traction in recent weeks, on policy and procedure development, leadership and team training, clinical outcomes, legal and regulatory compliance, as well as quality and patient safety management.

Rolle says that her curriculum is being distributed all over Florida and the Caribbean, and says that above all else, the emphasis on health care — quality healthcare for all, in particular — is the most important. Rolle also says that frontline workers in Atlanta, Georgia, and Jamaica have also expressed an interest in the program.

For more information about The R.I.C.H. Experience, click here.