Ari Lennox shed light on how she ran up her first check from her smash hit “Shea Butter Baby.”

The artist spilled the tea while speaking as a guest on the R&B Money Podcast, and her response may come as a surprise.

If you are thinking she spent her coins on the next expensive thing, you are mistaken. In fact, her purchase was spent on an item that the average person would buy on the day-to-day.

“The first check I just bought like a lot of Vans,” Lennox explained.

Although she first considered buying a designer item, she settled on something far more affordable. This way she could splurge on more while spending less.

“I was talking to Cole’s sister, Tiana, and I was telling her, ‘Yeah, I wanna get this designer thing,'” Lennox explained. “She was like, ‘If I had a big check, I would just buy mad Vans. I would just buy like mad things that are like affordable.’ And I was like, ‘Wow, I didn’t think about that.’ Like I could buy like a lot of like affordable things. So, I just bought like every f-cking van, almost every Vans in the damn store.”

All in all, she recollects spending about $5,000 at Vans that day.

What’s more, Lennox also gave insights into breaking into the industry. She recalls working on a demo that was supposedly for Rihanna. Although the song ultimately wasn’t used by the “Diamonds” singer, it did wind itself on Lennox’s album.

“I think we were in there, writing for Rihanna…I don’t know if she ever even heard it,” Lennox said.

“But, it made your career,”  J Valentine chimed in.

“Yeah it did make my career,” Lennox responded.