Apple has announced that they’re dropping an exclusive limited-edition collection in time for Black History Month, and needless to say, Twitter isn’t having it.

According to The Verge, the titan of tech is releasing an Apple Watch with what it’s calling “limited edition colors” — which, in actuality, is a little more than a black, green, and red striped band and face, meant to represent the Pan-African flag — and will make it available for purchase beginning on Feb. 1.

Apple claims that proceeds from the Black Unity Collection will go to “supporting six global organizations,” including the Black Lives Matter Support Fund, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, and European Network Against Racism.

It’s unclear, however, what percentage of these proceeds will be made available to these not-for-profit organizations.

While one could have a discussion about the aesthetic appeal of the Black Unity Collection, it goes without saying that Twitizens did not react well to the announcement. Many felt that Apple was merely pandering to Black people with the release, and many more felt that one’s hard-earned dollars would best be served to go into the pockets of real Black-owned companies and not in the pocket of a tech giant who has a problematic history with their “diversity hires.”

There was no shortage of humor, either. Check out some of the best replies below.

In addition to the Black Unity collection watch — and its various controversies — Apple says that they will be engaging in other Black History Month initiatives, including featuring a hub in the Apple store that highlights Black-owned businesses. On the non-performative activism front, Apple also has pledged hundreds of millions of dollars toward racial equality initiatives, including giving a $10 million investment to Harlem Capital and partnering with HBCUs to provide tech hubs.