Wing, a drone startup owned by Google’s parent company, Alphabet — has been making major moves. Last month, the company launched one of the world’s first drone delivery services in Australia. Now, it’s expanding its delivery program.

Starting in June, Wing will offer drone deliveries in Helsinki, Finland. To start, Wing plans to offer the pilot program in the city’s Vuosaari district.

Similar to Wing’s program in Australia, customers will be able to order food and snacks Finnish pastries and meatballs in minutes. A video of a Wing drone delivery was uploaded by Mayor of Helsinki, Jan Vapaavuori.

“In Vuosaari receiving the first ever drone delivered meal in Europe!” Vapaavuori tweeted.

In the company’s announcement, Wing explained that Vuosaari was an inspiring location in several ways. To start, it is the city’s most populous district, but it’s also bordered by water on three sides and has a large international cargo port.

Helsinki itself is seeking to render car ownership “virtually obsolete” by 2025. With that in mind, the city’s partnership with Wing makes perfect sense. The startup boasts that it will offer a “faster, more efficient alternative to car delivery” and help reduce car trips to pick up small goods.

To start, Wing will partner with two businesses in Helsinki — Herkku Food Market and Cafe Monami — to offer an assortment of food options for delivery.