Over the years, Akon has been outspoken about his mission to support the African continent. In a recent interview, he recalled how China played a role in the path he’s been carving.

Back in 2016, the musician and entrepreneur announced that he received a $1 billion credit line from China for solar street lights and small energy systems throughout Africa. Now, he’s back with the latest update.

Akon's Latest Update

“We’re asking for $5 billion now,” Akon said. “We did a lot of work, man. We got to keep moving.”

“We used [the $1 billion] and paid it back,” he added.

Within about six years, Akon claims to have been working on providing Africa with access to energy solutions.

“Solar is what we do best but anything renewable we’re dipping our hands into it,” he said during the interview. 

Akon has multiple endeavors currently in progress, as previously reported by AfroTech. 

Akon City

According to him, the first phase of Akon City — inspired by “Black Panther” — in Senegal is set to open in 2026. The construction will start next year. Akon City has been around four years in the making, but the COVID-19 pandemic slightly pushed things off course. But, the game plan is now back on track, according to him. 

“It kind of stalled a bit because a lot of partners and solution providers obviously had to lock down, but it didn’t affect the paper pusher side of it,” Akon shared.

MJ University

Akon also recently revealed that the educational district in Akon City will be named after Michael Jackson. Before the late legend’s untimely passing, he planned to open music-focused schools in Africa alongside Akon.